The Meaningful Art Transaction Reporter

Release date: August 2017


• A MAJOR Funding Asset: The Art Market BIG Picture
​ — Putting IT Into Perspective
— Seller/Buyer Donor Demographic
— Sellers/Buyers Buyers ARE Nonprofit Contributors, Collaborators
— Seller/Buyer Donors Creatively Give Significant Amounts Through Meaningful Transactions
— The Various Types and Methods of Donors and Donating

• Welcome! – New Featured Nonprofits, Artist and Gallery Sponsors

• Featured Transaction: BFA garners Bioponic World Foundation $55,000 from one meaningful transaction.

• NEW! OUTREACH KIT – Contains template; letters, articles, print and banner ad samples for nonprofit participants.

The Reporter is of interest to the nonprofit organization, the fundraiser, art dealer, advisor, collector, donor buyer/seller.

​Exclusively contains:
• funding details and project milestones achieved through meaningful transactions
• financial details (when not offered online) of FEATURED ARTWORK & TRANSACTIONS
• PRIVATE OFFERINGS more details on available high-end art


• The Reporter reaches subscribers 2 weeks before pieces of it are released onsite.

This publication is intended as an awareness and resource tool for nonprofit organizations and their collaborators and as such may contain information that is not intended for the public – not – for widespread distribution. Subscription information we receive from the subscriber is used for emailing the Reporter, and for reference in case you contact us. It is not sold or shared outside of BFA. Please keep the information contained within this publication held within a similar regard. Thank you.

​image top: Norman Rockwell, The Art Critic, The Saturday Evening Post cover April 16, 1955. Originally called The Art Student.
image bottom: unknown, signature unidentifiable