Bond Fine Art, LLC (BFA) is a fine art business consultant, art market funding source developer and e-commerce platform for nonprofit organizations.

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BFA is right for any socially conscious and giving 501c3 grassroots organization.

The meaningful transaction is a conceptualization of Ingrid Bond, the owner and director of Bond Fine Art.

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Get the word out, test the water, get consensus.
Go through ‘Creating the Meaningful Transaction’ (CMT) learn the roles and process. Print the enclosed PDFs for distribution to the board, members, staff. Use the PDFs CMT content descriptives for the development of the organization’s outreach materials — articles, ads, notices, stories for newsletters, blogs, handouts, etc.

Collect and sort information and data on possible assets from among the membership and community.

Identify potential owner donors, donated artwork, seller and buyer donors, artists, business and media sponsors. Gage the overall interest level. Enter into collaborative business association with these people, particularly with area artists for both AUCTION and FEATURED ART listings.

Create a ‘meaningful transaction’ database. Collect and capture the above-mentioned participant information and create a sortable database. This meaningful transaction (interest, talent, art) asset specific database will prove invaluable.

Compile quality photos and detailed descriptives on the available artwork and submit art
for sale

As a nonprofit for the AUCTION


For private transactions CONTACT

Nonprofit organization applying for participation PARTICIPANT APPLICATION

  • FEATURED NONPROFITS accepting artwork donations
  • Recommending a nonprofit for meaningful art transaction participation CONTACT
  • Artist, gallery, business SPONSOR REGISTRY of meaningful transaction businesses participants
  • Artwork submission for FEATURED ART is ARTWORK SUBMISSION
  • BUSINESS SPONSORS contains special art service providers and other meaningful transaction businesses actively supporting their local nonprofits
  • Buyers of artwork AUCTION, FEATURED ART, CONFIDENTIALLY OFFERED and CONTACT for further assistance and information.
  • Owner donors contact a FEATURED NONPROFIT to donate artwork
  • Seller donors CONTACT BFA and/or your chosen nonprofit to discuss a sale/donation

At a good price, the sale of a quality marketable piece of art can take 3 months to a year. Whether or not a piece sells depends greatly on the various factors involved. Each transaction is unique and taken step by step.

1. Discovery: data disclosure from the seller to BFA
2. BFA research: market analysis and estimation development
3. Initial consultation: sharing of the assessment with the seller/nonprofit

To list artwork on the AUCTION a lister must be a 501c3 grassroots organization.

This section of the BFA site is exclusively nonprofit curated. Donors for the AUCTION can contact the nonprofit directly FEATURED NONPROFITS to discuss collaboration potential.

Bond Fine Art will put a placeholder graphic where your organization’s logo picture would go within your auction listing pages, until you upload one. You can upload your logo by clicking on your username at the top right cover of the auction website, when click “Upload” on the right side of your profile page.

The nonprofit holds donated artwork unless it needs to ship for special service work or auction house submission.

In general, meaningful transaction artwork stays with the owner (seller donor, nonprofit, artist or gallery sponsor) until a sale has occurred unless shipment for special services or to an auction house is required.

It is the owner’s responsibility to have ‘wall to wall’ insurance coverage for valuable artwork.

BFA seldom, if ever, holds or ships artwork and does not carry insurance coverage.

The FAQ section is routinely updated. If there is a question the answer to which would be of general benefit, please CONTACT and it will be added.
Thank you for your assistance.