What we do and how we do it…

Art Advisor and Funding Source Developer for Nonprofits

BFA fosters a collaborative approach to business that actively supports the collective good.

We do this by developing and managing art transactions that are a nonprofit funding source. In that, we make quite a few deals.

And, there is no deal without trust.

There is no trust without transparency.

Aside from the confidential nature of proprietary participant information, all Bond Fine Art does in the production of a meaningful transaction is transparent to the nonprofit and donor (buyer or seller). And each participant’s role is clear within the context of the whole.

See: Creating the Meaningful Transaction

Outside of the exchange, highlights and stories of transactions are shared online in social media and publications, in The MAT Reporter and various nonprofit modes of communication.

To do right by a piece of art, the sales process itself can often be quite slow. Depending on the variables, a transaction can take a year or more to materialize. And too, a work can sell within three months. There are many points to consider that affect the sale of artwork.

The potential of a transaction is fulfilled by thoughtful consideration of the factors involved and by making the best use of the assets on offer from the participants and BFA’s client and service provider network. Bond Fine Art recognizes the importance of the details and performs to the best of its ability to realize the full potential a transaction has to offer for every piece of art we represent.

Decades of experience in art sales and both the for-profit and nonprofit business worlds, helps BFA to know what resources are available and how to best combine them — to provide the nonprofit with the funding it needs to do what it does best — while delivering an experience of pleasure and meaning for those involved.

Thank you for your interest and consideration.

Ingrid Bond
Bond Fine Art
Home of the Meaningful Art Transaction
Santa Fe, NM
M: (505) 470 7200 W: (505) 428 9232

A brief overview of experience.

Owner and manager of Bond Fine Art, Ingrid Bond, established a secondary market art dealership in 1995, and in 2017-18 transformed it into a meaningful transaction business. She has over 30 years experience as a consultant/strategist specializing in the creation and transformation of both for-profit and nonprofit businesses. Almost 20 years involved in the nonprofit world, she founded Bioponic World Foundation a 501c3 in 2014. BWF is a clean energy and sustainable living emergent technology project funder and developer of local sustainable living HUBS.

Ingrid Bond created and developed the meaningful transaction as a method by which to raise independently sourced unrestricted funding for BWF. Upon realizing success with the platform, decided to offer the same opportunity to other nonprofits. We are stronger and better together.